The southernmost portion of the U.S., from Los Angeles to Jacksonville, offers a compelling window on what lies ahead for the nation. On the front lines of social, economic, and climate change, the Ten Across region contains the three most populous states, many of the largest and most rapidly growing metro areas, the energy capital of the world, many of the largest American international ports, extremes in weather and water-related challenges, and great diversity and demographic change.

Here, more than any other cross section of the country, a new and critical portrait of the future can be seen.

Ten Across convenes diverse perspectives to better share information and to inspire proactive decision-making for resilience and sustainability.

Together with our growing network, we engage this region as a living laboratory through which to understand and cultivate more effective responses to the known future.

Ten Across is propelled by 3 questions:


How do
we know?

Ten Across draws on both the lived experience of individuals throughout this transect and established sources of scientific data to find insights into our present and the future of the U.S.


What do
we know?

The evidence to be seen throughout this region tells us that change is accelerating, and that our choices and values are undeniably reflected in both our built and natural environment.


What future
will we choose?

The modern ability to measure and communicate our circumstances brings unprecedented knowledge of the future—and with it, a great responsibility. Our awareness obliges us to act in favor of a more resilient and sustainable future.


Our mission is to advance resilience by building connections and sharing information across and beyond this critical region of the country. The work, experiences, and stories to be found here on the leading edge of change have the power to inform the rest of the nation.

Our greatest challenges defy conventional boundaries between places and professions—so must our solutions.

Ten Across is a reflection of the most innovative university in the US, Arizona State University—one which is built around a national mission. Founded in 2017 by Wellington “Duke” Reiter, FAIA, Ten Across collaborates in the cultivation of understanding of the people, places and challenges throughout our unique and varied region, and creates opportunities to share the expertise necessary to drive transformative change.

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As a former HUD secretary looking at the country as a whole, I think it’s important to highlight this region in the way [Ten Across has], because Washington doesn’t think about these areas as true urban challenges. […] There needs to be thoughtful research and thoughtful articulation of the issues that confront this region in the national context.

Henry Cisneros, former Mayor of San Antonio and Secretary of the U.S. Department of Housing & Urban Development (June, 2020 at the Kinder Institute)

We can’t just be looking at putting band-aids on these things. We really need to back up and look at the big picture—and I think that’s what’s happening [at Ten Across], and I’m really excited about that.

John F. Ross, Author, The Promise of the Grand Canyon: John Wesley Powell’s Perilous Journey and His Vision for the American West

I gravitate toward big ideas that have the potential to change the world quickly…I really do believe in the Ten Across construct of taking key themes and looking at the diversity of location and how we can collectively solve wicked problems.

Will Sarni, Founder & CEO, The Water Foundry

I think [Ten Across] has the right balance of optimism and urgency.

Marissa Aho, Chief Resilience Officer, City of Houston

The impact of climate change depends very much on where you live […] We see a decline in economic output of 25% or larger, particularly along the I-10 corridor, which is by far the most vulnerable part of the US to climate.

Trevor Houser, partner, Rhodium Group (March 2019 at the 10X Water Summit)

We can’t just think about the physical assets, or the shifting of population within a region—we have to think about the ability of that jurisdiction to raise revenue and actually meet the plans and the political objectives they’ve set out.

Alex Kaplan, executive vice president for Alternative Risk, AmWINS Group (March 2019 at the 10X Water Summit)

Tell people something that matters to them… and always talk about what you can do about it.

Lynne Carter, adjunct faculty, Louisiana State University (March 2019 10X Water Summit)

Attending the Ten Across Water Summit, I was struck by three common building blocks of successful water policy that apply across the Interstate 10 and the nation: bottom-up visioning, collaboration, and bridging the urban-rural divide.

David Festa, senior vice president, Environmental Defense Fund

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