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We’re back from preparing for and hosting our recent Ten Across Los Angeles Summit with highlights and reflections from the event and from our most popular 2023 Ten Across Conversations podcast episodes. Join Ten Across Founder and Executive Director Duke Reiter as he shares insights from the summit, reviews salient points made in some of the most popular podcast episodes, and hints at what is still to come in 2024.

Thank you for listening with us this year!

Featured podcast episodes by order of appearance in this recording:

“Experts Share Insights on the Ongoing Colorado River Negotiations”

“ESG: How Did A Well-Intended Idea Become So Polarizing?”

“State Preemption is on the Rise: What it Means for Cities”

“Alternative Visions of the Southern U.S. Border Yesterday, Tomorrow, and Today”

“10X Heat Series: Covering Climate Change as it Unfolds with Jeff Goodell”

“10X Insurance Series: Louisiana Grapples with Growing Natural and Financial Risk”